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현대자동차 인도네시아 Launched "STARIA"

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Hyundai Motors Indonesia Launched STARIA,

the Futuristic MPV That Offers “Larger Than Life” Experience


     STARIA is a Premium MPV that focuses on luxury and prestigious exterior design and provides long-distance comfort in the interior.

     This MPV delivers first-class premium seats that give a luxurious impression to its customers.

     STARIA offers the most complete experience that provides convenience and advanced driver assistance systems to ensure safety.

     STARIA is available in two variants:

     STARIA Signature 7: IDR 1,020,000,000,- (OTR Jakarta)

     STARIA Signature 9: IDR 888,000,000,- (OTR Jakarta)


Jakarta, 20 August 2021 – Today, PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) has officially launched STARIA in Indonesia, a futuristic multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that offers a more meaningful life experience that is “Larger Than Life”. STARIA offers the luxury of a prestigious exterior design inspired by spaceships, as well as maximum comfort on the interior with maximum space utilization and flexible passenger seat arrangements, making it suitable for everyday lifestyles. The presence of STARIA is a continuation of Hyundai's innovation to present excellent products with the Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) model and provide an optimum experience for customers who prioritize comfort and ample space when driving. STARIA comes with two types of choices: STARIA Signature 7 (7-seater) and STARIA Signature 9 (9-seater).


Designed to provide a complete family journey experience and meet business mobility needs, STARIA provides advanced mobility solutions that make transit time more accommodating, productive and rewarding. STARIA's design is inspired by the curve of light that illuminates the sky when the sun rises when viewed from space. This reflects Hyundai's response to the dynamic and future-oriented transition of consumer needs.


SungJong Ha, President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia, said, "We realize that Indonesians always appreciate the value of time to give meaning in life. Hyundai always strives beyond customers’ expectations, as reflected in the STARIA, which gives the customers the "Larger Than Life" experience. STARIA offers more than just innovative products to support customers’ mobility needs, but also enables them to gain access to maximum comfort to support productive and valuable activities."


On the same occasion, Makmur, Chief Operating Officer of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia, said, "We are proud to present STARIA, which provides a luxurious experience to our loyal customers in Indonesia. The premium and comfortable concept embodied in STARIA is a continuation of Hyundai's transformation to adapt to customers’ needs that constantly evolve. STARIA is available in two types that cater to professional and business needs, and also suitable for active families that are thirsty for a new adventure. STARIA is also equipped with various other convenience features that make your daily trips, neither near or far, very enjoyable. In the future,


we hope that STARIA can give a new meaning to mobility for Indonesian families as well as professionals and business people."


Futuristic Exterior at Its Best


STARIA's exterior design features a futuristic silhouette, pure, sleek, and resembling a spaceship. The front of the STARIA gives the grille a bold and exclusive look. It is enhanced with horizontal LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and positioning lamps that run along the side of the vehicle. The sophisticated look is also represented by low-set headlamps positioned on each side of the grille. As an addition to the luxurious impression of STARIA, it is completed with 18-inch alloy wheels featuring an elegant surface with Dark Chrome and Tinted Brass Chrome paint that also applies at the front grille, headlamp frame, outside mirror cover, emblem and door handles.


STARIA’s size is the largest in its class with an overall width of 1,997 mm and front wheel tread of 1,721 mm. STARIA also gives the impression of spacious space for its passengers  since it has an overall length of 5,253 mm, wheel-base of 3,273 mm, and rear wheel tread of 1,732 mm.


STARIA is available in various exterior colours, including Creamy White, Abyss Black Pearl, Graphite Gray Metallic, and Shimmering Silver Metallic. As for the interior colours, it is available in Black one-tone Embroidered leather and Brown two-tone Embroidered leather options. The on-the-road prices for each STARIA variant are:

        STARIA Signature 7: IDR 1,020,000,000,- (OTR Jakarta and first vehicle owning)

        STARIA Signature 9: IDR 888,000,000,- (OTR Jakarta and first vehicle owning)


Interior Design :  Resembling The 'Spaceship'


Characteristics of the spacecraft are also exhibited through the wide windows on the side of the vehicle and the lower beltline positioning for increased overall visibility and a more open feel. The cabin height is also optimized for premium comfort and convenience, making it ideal for business travellers and families. In addition, the design theme from STARIA is also applied to the rear, featuring a wide window surrounded by elongated vertical taillights.


The interior of STARIA carries the concept of multi-open spaces to realize a design with an excellent operation for the driver and present composition of multi-purpose spaces for passengers with the feel of a premium lounge. On the driver's seat it has the appearance of  luxurious touches of 10.25-inch  TFT LCD Instrument Cluster8-inch touch display with AM/FM RadioBluetooth audio streaming, a centre fascia touchscreen, and Shift-by-Wire transmissions buttons.


To enhance its premium presentation and personalization, STARIA offers ambient mood lights that provide an attractive interior atmosphere. Harmonious direct and indirect lighting can selectively illuminate the cockpit, console, doors and luggage storage areas. STARIA's interior is also inspired by the lounge of a cruiser sailing on the sea, the design is unique with a comfortable and simple shape with panoramic windows in the second row seat, as well as curtains that can be opened and closed manually in the second and third rows for passengers' privacy.


When the users are facing the top of their head, they will find a Dual Sunroof with a power-

adjustable tilting & slide feature to maximize the luxury sensation felt by customers. STARIA will be bearing fresh air along the ride because it has been equipped with a sophisticated air control

system to easily control air circulation with filters in the HVAC at the rear of the vehicle. The number of ventilations is adjusted to the number of seats in each type, namely the Signature 7  has 4 ventilation, and the Signature 9 has 6 ventilation.


The more premium and relaxation sense can also be experienced through the BOSE Premium Sound System* presence that produces clear sound, equipped with Dynamic Speed Compensation, which automatically adjusts the sound volume to the car's speed. When it is needed, the users can charge their gadgets during the ride since STARIA has Wireless Smartphone Charging and USB charge ports for all seat rows, where 5 USB ports on the Signature 7 and 7 USB ports on the Signature 9.


The Most Luxurious Passengers’ Seats in Its Class


STARIA offers various advantages for the driving experience of Indonesian customers through two types, namely, Signature 7 and Signature 9. The Signature 7 type is equipped with 7 seats and Premium Relaxation Seats in the second row which can be reclined automatically and shifted for easy access or to maximize storage space. One-touch relaxation mode allows the seat to recline to a comfortable position automatically, divides the passenger's weight, and improves overall body balance. The ventilated and heated temperature of the second-row seats on the Signature 7 are adjustable to passengers needs, and each consists of three levels. As per the luggage capacity, it can accommodate up to 117 liters when all seats are in the standard position, but can expand to up to 431 liters or can carry up to five golf bags in the Luggage Utilization mode, which is applicable when sliding the third row seat.


On the other hand, the Signature 9 type consists of 9 seats with a Swiveling Independent Seat where the second row can rotate 180 degrees to face and face to face with passengers in the third row. Because of this function, this type can also be optimized for company vehicles or serve as a meeting place for business in the car. Families will also feel comfortable with this swivel seat as rear-facing passengers will have easy access to seats in the third row or easily adjusted for child seat mounting needs.


The Signature 9 also has similar luggage capacity like Signature 7 when all seats are in the standard position, which is up to 117 liters. However, the Signature 9 is more than twice as spacious as the 7-seater model when it is in the Luggage Utilization mode with up to 882 liters capacity or can carry up to 10 golf bags. This mode is applicable when sliding the second and third row seats, as well as sliding and tipping up the bench of the fourth row seats.


Furthermore, STARIA's spacious legroom is one of the best in its segment. The space of leg rooms in the Signature 7 are 1,027 mm in the first row; 1,400 mm in the second row; and 1,256 mm in the third row. On the other hand, the Signature 9 has 1,027 mm space of leg room in the first row; 1,025 mm in the second row; 886 mm in the third row; and 915 mm in the fourth row.


Security Features and Advanced Rider Safety Support Features


STARIA has a variety of systems and sensors that are part of the security technology that can be relied upon to provide warnings to users and help take preventive measures in situations of collision. Safety technology can help make travel safer and also support drivers to identify potential hazards, and help reduce the risk of accidents.


Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)*, which is a system that automatically warns of a potential risk of a collision from the front, and if needed, will automatically apply the brakes if the system assesses a collision will occur with a vehicle or pedestrian in the front of the car.


Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)* and Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Warning (BCW)** can detect and monitor vehicles coming from behind and helps avoid collisions by providing warning and activating the brakes automatically if needed. This security system also now covers situations when exiting parallel parking is being carried out. This car is also equipped with typical Hyundai car features that are not found in other cars, such as the Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)*** which displays a blind spot area at the rear of the vehicle, and the BVM visual display is located on the car cluster panel when the driver is driving. BVM will be activated when the turn-signal is switched on in a situation where the driver wants to change lanes while driving.


Other distinctive features are Safe Exit Assist (SEA)* and Safe Exit Warning (SEW)**, which can help to avoid collisions or accidents if the passenger in the second row gets out of the car if a vehicle comes from behind.


Other safety features that STARIA also has are Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)* and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)**, which detects vehicles approaching from the right or left rear. A warning sign will appear informing the users that a car is coming from behind, where the system will also automatically apply the brakes if needed.


Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)* helps detect road markings at certain speeds. If the vehicle starts to get out of the lane, the system will provide visual and audio warnings, and if needed, will intervene to the steering wheel to keep the car on the track. Meanwhile, the Lane Following Assist (LFA)* will help control the car's steering automatically to stay on track.


This MPV also has a Surround View Monitor (SVM)***, which provides a 360-degree view of the entire vehicle, making it easier for the driver to park the vehicle, especially in a relatively narrow area.


STARIA also has cutting-edge and convenience features with the ability to recognize the presence of its users carrying their car’s smart key within the close range from the doorsthey are the Smart Power Tailgate*** feature, where the luggage door can automatically open/close when the user wants to load their belongings into the trunk, as well as the Smart Power Sliding Door*** feature that automatically opens the second row sliding doors when the passengers close by.


Powerful Yet Efficient Performance


STARIA offers superior engine performance with the presence of an efficient and environmentally friendly powertrain, namely the R2.2 VGT diesel engine with 8-speed automatic transmission. This type of powertrain allows STARIA to have a maximum performance of up to 177 PS/3,800 rpm and maximum torque of 430 Nm/1,500-2500 rpm.


After Sales Program and “Click-to-Buy” Online Platform


HMID has prepared a series of after-sales programs to support customers’ confidence and satisfaction in owning STARIA, they are:



        24H Hyundai Call Center at  0-800-1-878-878

        Basic warranty three years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first)

        The complimentary maintenance service fee for up to 5 years or 75,000 km (whichever comes first & only for the service fee)

        Free spare parts up to 3 years or 45,000 km (whichever comes first & follow the routine maintenance schedule)

        Free 24 hours Roadside Assistance (via Hyundai Call Center at 0-800-1-878-878)

        Hyundai Datang Ke Mana Saja Service Program


STARIA will be available at all authorized Hyundai dealers starting today, 20 August 2021, and through the online Click-to-Buy platform, which can be accessed through the official Hyundai Motors Indonesia website (www.hyundai.com/id/id). Click-to-Buy is an online sales platform designed for an online retail experience that prioritizes customer’s safety and convenience during pandemic situations. Customers are able to see Hyundai product lineups, reserve test drives, and conduct booking via Click-to-Buy.


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